Treadmetrix provides both 2D and 3D biomechanical analysis software integrated with all of our instrumented treadmills. This software is built on the AccuPower Software platform–used by over 300 research institutions worldwide. The E-Z3D software platform provides an innovative capture and analysis dashboard for 3D markerless integration. This remarkable system can provide force and integrated 3D kinematic and kinetric analysis in as little as 60 seconds!

Our 2D software system can provide synchronized force, moment, Center of Pressure (COP) and high-speed color video from up to 4 cameras. Several high-profile facilities have used this easy to use software package to provide quick but effective kinetic and qualitative 2D video analysis.

Our E-Z3D software integration allows 3D markerless movement analysis using 8-10 high speed video cameras synchronized with force, moment and COP data from any of our intrumented treadmills. The data from each camera is analyzed using either Theia 3D Markerless tracking system or Kinatrax general motion tracker. Data is then processed using custom analyses embedded in our software or via C-Motion’s Visual 3D analysis engine. We provide one of the only truly integrated instrumented treadmill and 3D Markerless movement tracking systems available.

Software Features

  • Actionable Results in less than 60 seconds
  • Track any movement without markers at 120 fps to over 300 fps
  • Resolutions of 3.2 to 5 MP at 216 or 163 fps (higher frame rates at lower resolutions possible).
  • Custom-built PC’s allow high speed video capture and processing of data in timeframes conducive to clinical and sport performance environments
  • Automate familiar assessments with objective measures
  • Custom, protocol Specific Dashboards
  • Enhance Current Clinical operations with objective measures
  • User-selectable statistics allow within and between subject comparisons in real-time
  • Simple integration with Force Measurement
  • Customizable reports and data export functions generate meaningful results in seconds.
  • WORKFLOW SIMPLICITY and FLEXIBLITY makes E-Z 3D the ideal solution for Clinical/Sport Applications!

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