Treadmetrix Split-belt treadmills provide the most capable and flexible split-belt instrumented treadmills. The available range of speeds, acceleration, pitch/translation control, measurement area and measurement accuracy are the best available. The split-belt treadmill is well-suited for biomechanics research, clinical research, and sports medicine applications.

Our Split-Belt designs allow for continuous measurements of reaction forces and center of pressure (COP) from each limb during treadmill walking. Each belt can be independently controlled or run in synchronous mode. Belt speed, grade and lateral movement control can be automated via our motion control SDK and easily integrated into an interactive, immersive environment. We have three types of designs available: Non-Incline; Rear-Pivot Incline; and Center Pivot Incline with optional lateral translation control.

Key Features

  • The acceleration/deceleration rates are the highest available in ANY treadmill system (> 35 m/s2)
  • Each treadmill has a measurement surface of 183 cm L x 51 cm W
  • Unique mounting configuration of sensing elements allows excellent center of pressure measurements up to the edges of the treadmill surface
  • Minimal “gap” between each treadmill (< 5 mm of support surface)
  • Treadmills utilizes a modular design, incorporating eight AMTI sensing elements and amplifiers.
  • The location of the sensing elements and force measurement systems are visible at all times, ensuring perfect alignment between motion capture and force platform coordinate systems.
  • The treadmill’s advanced servo motor system ensures that the treadmill speed remains constant under high loads and allows the development of custom speed, acceleration/deceleration profiles.
  • Each treadmill can be controlled independently allowing complete control of the locomotion environment. 


  • Seamless integration with E-Z 3D marker-less mocap system
  • HTML 5.0 User Interface (5 levels of customizable user access)
  • Closed network allows wireless control via any device using Google Chrome or MS Edge
  • Embedded user manuals.
  • Independent belt speed control/custom programming interface
  • Manual emergency stop.
  • Seamless integration with all major motion capture systems (Qualisys QTM, Vicon Nexus, Motion Analysis Cortex 6.0, Optitrak Motiv, E-Z3D). Treadmill system appears as AMTI force platform
  • Real-time force vector display in Treadmetrix/E-Z3D software
  • Package includes Split-Belt Treadmill with front/optional side/rear handrails, Touchscreen control with a stainless steel cabinet, iPad mini with handrail mounting hardware, and Visual 3D pipeline scripts
  • Advanced PLC/Servo design allows ultimate flexibility and control of the axes of motion. (Motion Axis control API available)
  • User-programmable acceleration, speed, grade directly from software interface, upload .csv protocols for metabolic testing, or control via custom software via API.
  • Seamless integration Visual 3D by C-Motion
  • Dynamic speed control allows treadmill speed to adapt to user
  • User-specific alarms for speed and elevation
  • Digital output (up to 2,000 samples per second) of calibrated forces and moments for easy integration with any motion capture system.
  • Output format is the same as any AMTI force platform.
  • Visual 3D scripts available for advanced processing of signals and integration into typical Biomechanical Analyses available.
  • Analog output of raw signals available upon request.
  • Fall mitigation/perturbation protocols available upon request

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